Thursday, December 2, 2010

All Girls should get what they want.

I'm aching to travel.
I spend hours that I should be doing homework looking up cheap flights and pictures of places I could see and go and experience.

I want to go back to Berlin. I think it is the idea that I can't be there as easily as I could go somewhere in America that makes me miss it such an unnatural amount.
I miss being around a hundred languages and a thousand different cultures and types of people all at once.

I miss having something to see on every corner, feeling inspired by everything and everyone.

Winter in Provo is grey, but I imagine most of the world is this way during these months.
Everyone hiding behind layers of clothes and thick brick walls.
Everyone freezing. Everyone talking about it.
There is so much to complain about in the winter.
So, I'm going to instead start complaining about my newest obsession: India.
I think most of this obession comes from memories of the movie "A Little Princess," when the little slave girl tells about a pillow she has that reminds her of her home in India. The whole thing makes me feel like I too am living in an attic because some mean orphanage lady was tricked into thinking my rich father was killed in the war.
Which, ironically, makes me think about how unfair life is.

I WANT an India pillow.

I WANT an Indian slave-girl friend.

I WANT to go to India.

How, you might ask, am I going to accomplish all this?
1. Dropping out of school and using my grant money to fund my trip.
2. Locating my long lost father who wasn't actually killed in the war and digging into his funds after using some of them to save the orphanage and my Indian slave-friend.
I have a really good feeling about all of this.
I just can't forget what I learned from Disney all those years ago.

"All girls are princesses...
...And princesses go to India."

(I may have added that last part myself.)



  1. pause are you really going to go to india like we discussed? or is this mostly a dream/joke?

  2. A Little Princess was my favorite movie when I was little. I remember getting the vhs movie with the matching heart locket. I'll go to India with you.