Monday, December 13, 2010

Budget Busters.

I have fully emerged into the life of a college student.

This semester represents new lows for me(or highs, depending on how funny you think this whole situation is, which may be pretty funny).

I have eaten various pasta, cheese, and spaghetti sauce combinations over the last three months. Sometimes pasta with cheese. Sometimes pasta with sauce. Sometimes both if i'm feeling crazy. Last night I hit a new low when I didn't have enough pasta to make a meal so I cooked up what I had, put it all on bread (cheese, sauce and all) and ate a...spaghetti...sandwich...?
This basically describes my new approach to food: eating anything that will fill my stomach and taste somewhat decent if I add enough garlic salt.

I'm pretty sure I got my food creativity from my Dad who made nothing less than barbecued meatloaf (as if meatloaf wasn't bad enough) when I was twelve and my mom went out of town for the weekend.
The sad part is, I'm to the point where I would probably give that one a try if hamburger wasn't out of my budget.

I won't get too far into my other money-saving, college-life shenanigans but they have a lot to do with selling my clothes for rent (consignment anyone?), selling my plasma to pay utilities(free powerade anyone?), and going on a date I was wholly uninterested in for the free meal.
(I am not proud of that last one, but a girls gotta eat)
I just thought I'd give you fellow starving-studenters out there a few survival tips.
You'd be surprised what you can do with a loaf of bread, even when you're out of peanut butter and jelly.

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