Thursday, March 19, 2015

Katie Tries to Keep in Touch

Living away from family and friends is tough.

I spend a good chunk of my life worrying that I'm not keeping in good enough touch with all the people I love. The problem is, there are so many truly lovable and awesome people in my life.

 I 100% agree with Mindy Kaling here.

I have my best friends from elementary school, high school, undergrad, grad school, summer internship, that one apartment I lived in, my best friend from that road trip we went on where we almost got arrested for jumping into the Bellagio fountains, study-abroad best friends, my best friends from church, my best friends from work, my best sibling-friends (all of them), my best in-law-friends, the-wives-of-my-husbands-cousins best friends... The list can really get out of hand.

Then, I have my grandparent-best-friends, my aunt-and-uncle-best-friends, and of course all of my cousins are my best friends too.

Obviously I have a few best friends who trump all the other best friends at being best friends.

They know who they are, I'm sure.

But, then I they?? Have I called them enough times this week? Should I come up with more secrets to share with them so they know how much I trust them? Are they asking themselves right this very second if they make this list?? Is this blog post some kind of power-play to get them to visit me more??????

Honestly, I even plan on gathering a few more best friends in the future as we travel, and move, and have kids who will adore me all the time. 

The point is, I don't want to take these relationships lightly. Relationships are important to me and the people in my life mean so much to me that I spend lots of time hoping that they know that. I make schedules in my brain of how long it has been since I've called so-and-so, so I don't go too long and become a statistic in that study I read that says if you don't call your  friends every 7 days then a scary girl will come out of your TV and.....

....I might be getting my horror movies mixed up here. Was I talking about horror movies? I'm not sure. I was distracted by all the stress of who I am supposed to call next. 

I'll just end with this adorable Charlie Brown quotation: 

Seriously people, I need more hellos. 



The stress is killing me. 

Just ask the real best friend who has never abandoned me because he can't because he is MARRIED TO ME SUCKERS:

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