Friday, March 6, 2015

I Lied in Costco and I Did it For the Sake of Pizza and Friendship.

Costco was a mess today.

The guy at the register said they had just let go of their seasonal employees and had gotten rid of a few too many.

To me, it just looked like 900,000 people were trying to buy mini-tamales at the same time.

It was probably a mix of both.

Either way, the trip was stressful, the checkout lines were all the way back to the clothes sections, and we accidentally threw our receipt away between checking out and reaching the door so we were waiting in Costco Jail while the door-lady went and re-printed our receipt.

While we were waiting a cute woman carrying a five-month old baby in a carseat walked through the doors. Another Door-Nazi lady stopped her and asked for her membership card. She said that her mom had ordered the pizza for her 9-year-old sister's birthday party and had just sent her to pick it up.

Door-lady #2 was not budging. No card=No pizza.

After a while of discussing it the woman with the baby seemed so desperate and sad that I stepped in and asked if I could just use my membership card to help her get the pizza.

By this time Door-lady #1 was back with our receipt that said we had bought all the food we said we did (winners!) and quickly piped in "YOU CAN ONLY DO THAT IF YOU ARE RELATED OR REALLY SUPER GOOD FRIENDS. ARE YOU??????"

I paused. And then I looked at the poor girl with the baby and the sister and the pizza-party and I decided that I felt pretty friendly towards her, so I said, "Yeah, we are just good ol' friends. Suuuuuuuper good friends." The baby-mama smirked and nodded in agreement.

Door-lady #1 and Door-lady #2 did not seem convinced.

Then, both of them gave me a long spiel about how a Costco card is like a driver's license (meaning they both make me look kind of bald in their pictures) and if I choose to use MY card for HER pizza then the responsibility is on my head and I will have to accept the consequences and be good to that pizza and try and do right by it, even when times get tough, for richer or poor, etc., etc.

Eventually my new friend and I were on our way to the pizza line where we chatted and became real friends and I met her darling baby and NOBODY EVEN ASKED TO SEE MY COSTCO CARD WHEN WE PICKED UP THE PIZZA. Not a single soul even cared to see my card or my awful picture on it.

I can't believe I told a half-lie to the scary Costco lady for nothing. Also I bet they hate babysitting awful customers like me.

My apologies to everyone involved in this story.

The End.


  1. Here's a great tip for blogging. Are you ready? Get a pen and a piece of paper because you are going to want to write this down...Don't stop. That's it. Don't stop. Don't ever stop. If you feel like you've fallen behind, then that's where you start again. Don't go back unless it's a really great story. Like this one. I love it. Every Christmas I get my blog published in a hardbound book. It is our family history. I am keeping our family history just exactly like the prophet tells us to my own way. In the way that tells our story, about us. Your kids will love to hear your stories. Your grandkids will love to hear how compassionate you were towards strangers. You are awesome Katie! Don't stop writing because you have a great talent and you know who gave that to you and that He wants you to share it.

  2. Thanks so much for the sweet comment and great advice Penny! I will do my best to keep going, even though blogging consistently is HARD haha.