Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh wait really? Berlin ISN'T trying to drown me?

Yesterday morning I threatened Berlin with a good kidney-punch if she didn't stop pouring water down my throat every day, and she decided to shape up. (I only think Berlin is a girl because the German language's obnoxious tendency to assign a gender to everything has done nothing but feed whatever feminism I have inside of me.)

It has rained almost the entire month I have been here and if you know anything about me, you know that I am the kind of girl who needs her sunshine. Which is exactly what these past few days have given me!
AND, besides there being sun, yesterday I also....
1. bought yellow tights...
2. slept through my alarm...
3. threw up during institue.

So things are really getting back to normal in the life of Katie Wade. Obnoxious clothes, tremendous inability to get out of bed, and absurdly awkward and ridiculous situations (that seem to happen once in a lifetime for everyone else but happen daily for me) seems to sum up the way things go for me. Just how I like it too.

Nicholas Kramer (as pictured above) summed it up best yesterday when he said, "It's always an adventure with you around."

I think he meant it in a good way but if not, he'd better watch out for my kidney shot.
Just ask Berlin.
Off to Schwerin, Germany tomorrow for a day trip!

Love, Katie
P.s.- I'm going to sign off by posting a few randoms I've been wanting to put somewhere so people can look at them. Like on a blog or something.

This is basically how I feel all the time here, even if it's not actually this crowded. Everything is so packed in.

I am learning to accept that some part of me wants to be a girl. Even if that means I have to pose like I'm blowing dandylions. (I almost looked up if I spelled that right but what is girlier than looking up how to spell dandylion?)

This one is just because I really miss her.


  1. I love reading your writings (yes I know you will laugh at that comment). You should write more, if for no one else but me. I am, after all, giving you money to survive.

  2. i like your mom.
    also i like this post, and you.

  3. Kates, I don't give you $$ to survive :) but I still love your writings and want to follow your deautchland experience through your blog, so I hope to read more come rain or shine.

    Obnoxious clothes... talk to your sister :). Getting out of bed... I don't know how to do it. Throwing up... talk to your uncle Jason.

    Hope you are safe! Love you and sending sunshince vibes your way. AZ has enough to solar power the world.

    Uncle Dave