Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Instead of packing I wrote a blog post.

Off to Milan in about four hours and I wanted to leave Deutschland with a funny story that happened the other night at H&M.

I am looking at scarves with Joslin when this girl walks up to us and says "Ohmygosh are you guys from America?" (For the life of me I can't seem to figure out how, without opening my mouth, people just know that. At this rate I'll never fit in with all the other kids.) Anyways, my initial thought was "this girl's voice, clothing and mannerisms bears an uncanny resemblance to LaFawnduh on Napoleon Dynamite." (honestly, I hate that I just made a Napoleon Dynamite reference but if you saw the girl then you would know that it had to be done.)

To sum things up (I now have 3 hours and 53 minutes of sleep left) by the end of our literally 93 second conversation (I want to emphasize that this is not an exaggeration. She really accomplished all this in that amount of time) we had:

1. Established the home towns of all three of us.
2. Discovered that she was born in Africa, and then moved to Germany, lived there until she was fifteen years old with her German father and her African mother, then moved to the states, came back to Germany, moved to Sacramento, got her associates, and is now about to move to a home one mile off the beach in LA to go to a UC and get her bachelors degree while living with some friends. In the meantime she has made her way back to Berlin to apparently hang out at H&M and scope out prospective future facebook friends (see number 6 of this list.)
3. Received an invitation to live with her mother in Berlin. (in case we don't like our current host family)
4. Got the invitation revoked because she remembered her mother lives in Frankfurt now. (An honest mistake.)
5. Received an invitation to come stay with her in her LA beach house at the end of the summer.
6. Got her full name and info written out on a piece of paper so that we can find her on facebook. (funny part is, this happened BEFORE the rest of this information. About 8 seconds in to our minute and a half convo. Some people must just really want to up those facebook friend numbers)

She was by far the friendliest, sweetest, girl we have met here in Germany, and if I am allowed to be any judge of character after that 93 seconds, I'd say the girl is going places. This world is great and the people are beautiful.
Here's hoping our new friend finds a Kip of her own.


  1. Dad joke: Does she love technology?

  2. Katie. Oh my. I love this, and I totally love you. I can't wait to talk again soon and catch up and - and - ah! Miss you tons.