Friday, March 25, 2016

June's Birth Video

I have been a terrible blogger the last few years and I have plenty of excuses to show for it:

1. Last year was a total wash. If you did any kind of math after my miscarriage post you will realize that with only a few weeks between pregnancies I was essentially pregnant for A YEAR. You read that right. I had a half-an-elephant pregnancy. On top of that, I have pretty gnarly pregnancies and threw up nearly every day of that year with plenty of nausea and other awesome symptoms that I can't remember because I haven't slept since November of 2014.

2. We got a Hulu Plus subscription.

So, as you can see it is totally legitimate that I have been off my game. But now I'm back like Lebron to Cleveland AND I'M JUST AS SORRY.

Things that happened while I was MIA:

1. I had a baby.
2. I didn't cut my hair (That is real. I have forgotten to cut my hair since February of last year. Not even a trim! I just never even thought about it! Should I do it now?? Or has that ship sailed? Am I slowly becoming that hippie lady at the park with long, stringy, grey hair doing weird meditation who only got that way because she forgot to cut her hair for so long it seemed like there was no other choice???)

That seems like the main updates needed to get us back up to speed. Rather than go into details about my pregnancy, birth, etc. I have opted to instead make this handy video.

Before you watch:
1. Instead of taking weekly pictures Cj and I decided it would be more fun to film a little bit every week. There is not a lot of film from the first trimester because we had a few concerns with baby girl and I was scared I was going to miscarry again so I was afraid of documenting anything.
2. Baby girl was breech MANY times. At 35 weeks we found out she was breech, and she then flipped back and forth almost every week until she was born. Thus the weird exercises/positions in the later part of the video.
3. Some of this footage is embarrassing. This video is for posterity so I wanted to include all of it, regardless of how silly I look. (Pretty dang silly)
4. Some of this footage is emotional and (to me) sacred. I'm sharing because I am amazed by how beautiful birth and new life is and I think it is something worth sharing.
5. This video is super amateur. I make no excuses. I have a master's degree in poetry so I am basically unqualified to do anything right ever.

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  1. Well. I cried like a baby. So beautiful Katie, congratulations!!!