Thursday, September 5, 2013

"D as in Dog"

I went today to get my DSU parking sticker. The booth is outside in the awful St. George heat. 

"What is your license plate number?" the lady asked. 
I told her the six-digit code ending in I-L-Y. 
"Y-L-Y?" she said?
"No," I said, "I as in...eyeball." (It was REALLY hot outside.) 
"No....I.....oh I get it....I as in....eyesore....oh cream...." 
She got it. 
Feeling like an idiot I walked back to my car in the blistering heat, looked down at my license plate and realized it ended in 1-L-Y instead of I-L-Y. I turned around and walked back. 
"Excuse me," I said, "When I said it ended in I-L-Y I meant 1-L-Y." 
"One?" she asked. 
"Yes," I said, "One as in...wonderful."
In other news, I hated today.

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