Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Cj and I made a 5 second decision on our way to Costco to, instead, be on our way to St. George. 

It is proof that sometimes overly-rushed, un-thought-out and somewhat immature decisions can, in fact, be the best ones. 

We spent the weekend eating cilantro-lime shrimp tacos, surprising all of our friends and family one by one, and watching American Pickers with my parents. 

My Uncle Dave put it best when he said: "Funny how all roads lead to bulk food or Mom's cooking."

I sure am glad we chose the "Mom's cooking" road this weekend.
 It was more delicious and involved sleeping on that awesome Serta in my brother's bedroom. 

St. George 4 Life. 

(No seriously. Should we live there forever? You can vote on it.) 



  1. i vote yes. seriously best surprise! surprise me again soon!

  2. I don't really care where you end up living, but I love the idea of this. spontaneous decisions are the very best.