Friday, May 20, 2011

Blah. Blah. Blah. It's been forever. Okay, now to the post...

So blogger got all "new" on me or whatever so while it used to upload pictures backwards, now it does it....forward. So, being lazy, and it being Friday, and me being the tech-savvy girl I am, I am just going to leave the pictures as is and tell you my last week or so backwards (or maybe it has been longer. this 18 credit workload is making all the days blur together).
Just pretend you are Michael J. Fox and this blog is the DeLorean.
Also, if you want you can pretend we might not make it to 85 mph before the train tracks end and/or your mother is trying to kiss you at prom, just to spice up the reading.
(If you haven't seen the movies, get out of here)
Alright, alright...starting with the most recent: I found ten dollars in my pocket last night! 
I got out some summer shorts I haven't worn in a while (Provo, remember?) and realized there was something in my buttoned pocket. Opened. Realized. Jumped up and down in exaggerated excitement.
Nothing says "It's okay you have to ump women's softball for the next three hours" quite like a piece of paper with a number big enough for two whole feet of subway sandwhich.
Good thing my girl Kaitlin was there to take a quick pic for me.
 Moving backwards...Aly had lemons at her wedding, and at the end of the night we were so incredibly exhausted from such a long day and such a long, amazing weekend, that eating them seemed like a good idea.
Fun fact about Katie: I don't really like baked goods. The only sweets I usally like are sour things. (Get it? Sour sweets? Get it?)
I will do just about anything for a red sour patch kid.
The lemons were a little more than expected however.

 Pictured below is most of the group that drove out to the wedding.
     Aly has often been referred to as "Shakira." What I wouldn't give for those latin hips of hers. (or her dads. that family has it down.)
Just so we're clear, the order of things in which I would progressively do just about anything for is this:
(SERIOUS) I'd do anything: for red sour patch kids.
(MORE SERIOUS) I'd cut off a limb: for Aly's killer hips on the dance floor
(MOST SERIOUS I'VE EVER BEEN) I'd willingly watch women's basketball and/or flag football and/or any gender playing baseball for eternity: to touch Jimmer Freddette.

Priorities, priorities, priorities.

When Aly's dad walked into the living room and said to a bunch of twenty-something's
"Okay guys, we're going to take the party bus to the club,"
I don't think he realized that meant something a whole lot different to us than taking a school bus to a country club.
          Sam and Aly have been best friends their whole lives. Aly and I have been best college friends our whole college. It was about time we joined forces.
While Aly was off being married and all "happiest-day-of-my-life," I spent my time with these lovely groomsmen. Reason enough to never want to get married: when you can no longer spend an entire day pretending you have four dates to the big Prom.
I feel kind of bad because I have been acting slightly grossed out by Aly and Taylor being married (seriously, that's disgusting.)
But I guess they are kind of cute. And I guess I do kind of like them both.
Moving backwards to the best day of my life. Hannah and I both had a birthday the weekend of the wedding. We also both brought the same swimsuit to the beach. Little known fact: we are actually soul mates.
Pictured above was the best part of the trip. It went a little something like this:
Hannah: "It's on my bucket list to jump into these Bellagio fountains and after this weekend I am moving across the country and never coming back to my favorite city in the world Vegas and tomorrow is my birthday and today is your birthday..."
Katie: "Naturally, our only option is to jump in."
Police: "Get out or we will arrest you. Even if it is your birthday and this is your lifelong dream and we are crushing it."
BUT WE WERE SO CLOSE!!!?!?!?!!!!!
Prior to vegas we stopped in St. George for a quick birthday dinner on the back porch with perfect weather and delicious food and a cute family that is not pictured here. (Unless you see that small guy in the background)
Prior to driving to St. George these cute Germany friends brought me nice things and then let me convince them to put mustaches on in honor of Cinco de Mustache (a tradition I would be missing that year for the wedding. You're welcome Aly.) You can ask Tracy, nothing drives me crazier than fake mustaches and how funny everyone thinks they are, especially in wedding photos. I hate it. However, Cinco de Mayo has been deemed the only acceptable time to have a fake mustache and have it be really fun/hilarious. You can laugh now.
My two best friends in the world. One of them is pregnant. Guess which one.

And finally, the best group of people from the best place on earth.
I'm sure glad I traveled back in time and ended up at this place because I love these people more than anything.
In other news: It will never stop raining. Ever again.
Now you know.


  1. since physically we were halfway in the fountains and mentally we were swimming along to God Bless the USA i say it basically counts. one day we will actually jump in, i swear.

    perfect weekend.


    a. hah my hair is crazy crazy sauce in that mustache picture oh my.
    b. that bow dress is CUTE CUTE.
    (alot of repeated words going on, whoops.)
    c. is that a swimsuit you're wearing at the beach up there? i want to see it better, it looks way cute.
    d. i love how this was all backwards haha. way funny.
    e. can't wait till we're roommates (i think i have to type this in every comment, ever)