Sunday, March 11, 2012

I must be dreaming.

When Cj and I first started dating we would talk about our yacht a lot. 
Besides the fact that "yacht" rhymes with "a lot," you might have noticed one other thing about that statement: 

We don't have a yacht. 
Which is fine, really. We just like to talk about it. 
For example: 

Me: "Hey Ceej, can we get one of these shark shaped submarine jet ski's Mark Titus told me about to keep on our yacht in case it ever sinks/we want to scare the children?" 


Cj: "Boy do I love *Taco Bell. We should get one of these on our yacht."
*RIP the Beefy Crunch Burrito, except not on our yacht. it still exists there.

When we got engaged things shifted a bit. We went from mentally placing things on our pretend yacht, to mentally placing things on our pretend registry list. Again, examples: 

Cj: "We should register for unlimited Honey Nut Cheerios that will be spoon fed to us for the rest of our lives." 

Me: "We should register for not Katy Perry."  

Recently we've developed yet another way to carry on quirky, fake conversations. 
Birth control. 
I may or may not have spent a little too much time lately reading about the side effects of birth control. One night Cj and I got talking about it and decided that the list is so all-inclusive that we should just start blaming all problems on it. 
Here is a list of things that we have determined are a side-effect of birth control: 

being hungry
the irregular heating/cooling system in my apartment
the cough I currently have
KONY 2012
ABC's "Once Upon a Time" (Never seen it, but I know it's birth controls fault shows like that exist)
bad weather
losing my flag football game
these pictures of Kobe Bryant 
Katy Perry 

I'm sure all three of these lists are not even close to an end. 
Nothing like pretending you are rich and/or blaming all your problems on modern medicine.  

All I know is, when I get that yacht we registered for, you're all invited for a BBQ. 




  1. 1. dang birth control, we're fine to keep blaming all things on it. it is kind of fun.
    2. those PICTURES OF KOBY?!! hahaa i can't believe you didn't show me those already, i can't even believe them. what a weirdo, makes me hate him like 2445 times less.
    3. still love your blog, always.

  2. I blamed all on birth control, too. Then I stopped taking it and it's kind of like reverse placebo effect. I feel AMAZING!