Tuesday, November 1, 2011

As Always, it is Late.

It is 10:48 p.m. and I have been on campus since noon with a few quick trips home for more food and a change of clothes. 
This would all be fine and dandy if I wasn't so exhausted from spending all last night dreaming an entire Zombie Apocalypse from start to finish. 
This is real. 
I really did that.

I even dreamed the part where the last zombie died and we went and got shakes. (Naturally.) 
I also dreamed the part where Cj got bit by a zombie right before we got into our escape SUV.
(Escape SUV. Naturally.)
We were sitting inside and he kept saying "oh no. oh no. oh no." 
Similar to how I sound when someone starts playing country music/tries to feed me bananas
except this was much worse because all the other people in the car were getting worried that my boyfriend was going to start eating them. 
"You have to do something about it Katie," they said. 

So, I stopped the car.
Got out. 
Told Cj to get out. 
Then...kicked him in the face, jumped back in the car and drove away. 

Survival of the fittest I guess. 
Just ask Shane. 
(If you haven't watched the most recent episode of The Walking Dead...do it. And then you will get the reference duh.) 

Anyways, I'm fairly sure this whole dream spawned from two things. 
1. All The Walking Dead I have been watching. 
2. The fact that this was my Halloween costume last night...

Also, I just remembered that I got on here to write one little story and get off. 
No surprise that everything I try to do and say lately turns to zombie conversation. I'm a little obsessed right now. (When am I not a little obsessed with something?) 
Anyways, story...

A few minutes ago I walked up to the periodicals section of the library to find some journals I need to get articles from. After a thorough search I couldn't find the books I wanted so I walked up to the reference desk. 
Only one person was sitting there so I walked up to him and had this conversation: 
Me: "Hi. I'm here doing this huge project and it's due in the morning and I need to find these journals and I have been looking everywhere and I can't find them and I'm really nervous about this project and I played really bad in my volleyball game tonight which is no surprise because I am actually not good at Volleyball ever but I was really hoping tonight would be the night and I'm really tired because I dreamed about Zombies last night and I kicked my boyfriend in the face but not in real life just in my dream I would never kick him in the face in real life or anyone for that matter and I just really wish that someone understood me and would listen you know because I've got big things to say man, you know? Big things." 
Boy: "Uh....I don't actually work here. I'm just using the scanner. The desk is over there." (Points to the empty desk next to him that is clearly labeled Reference Desk.

Moral of the story: I should go home. 


  1. your costumes are genius (and so is this post)

  2. katie you are the most hilarious person i know. i could just hear you telling that entire story and i was just laughing and finally when i was laughing so hard, kyle got interested and made me read your entire blog post to him and we both laughed. I really really sincerely hope that that conversation with the reference desk guy was real. hahahahahaha i love you