Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Jo:

Here I am, blogging in Washington D.C. like I have no priorities. 
I'm not going to tell you about my trip just yet because its not over and lets calm down and not get ahead of ourselves here.
Instead I'm going to just write a nice post about how my brother got married and about how I've had anxiety all weekend over not being in the same city as him/not being able to text him when Rachel believed me that the "R" in "Toys R Us" stands for "reunion."(Is she serious? Toys Reunion Us?)
Anyways, not to be mushy or anything but whenever something funny like that happens to me, Jordan is always the first person I want to tell. He has been my best friend my entire life, we have always had the same friends, the same values and the same sense of humor. 
When you get married it is really important for your mom to go through old photos of your life and cry a lot about how you used to be really little and do cute things like spill five gallons of honey on her new carpet or shoot a bird and then hide it in the garage.
These things, though annoying memories for your mother for most of your life, suddenly become precious and nostalgic stories that evoke tears for weeks before the actual wedding and frustrate your sister (me) when she thinks that now is a good time to tell her about all those times she snuck out in high school and the same precious-I'm crying-principle doesn't carry over.
What DOES carry over, however, is the obsession over old pictures. Here are some darling ones of Jordan and me growing up. 

I mean, really. We were darling, am I right?

Fun Fact: I was nearly bald until I was two. Considering that I now have enough hair on my head to supply pillows for the entire U.S. Army, this is strange. (What is also strange is that metaphor I just used. Sorry, it just happened.)
As we got older we did things like get significantly less cute and/or join scouts.
Things I want back: That sweet indian-patterned shirt. 
Things I never want back: Those mushroom bangs. 
In this next picture a few things are going on, mostly involving Jordan and his haircut that gives him a serious fivehead (as opposed to a forehead). 
1. Jordan is wear a necklace of some kind to ensure the decade is indicated (the 90's) 
2. I have progressed from mushroom bangs to an entire mushroom head. 
3. I am selflessly diverting the attention from myself to my brother by utilizing the double-point. He is ignoring the double-point in order to draw attention to the giant checkerboard in the foreground. The occasion for having that giant checkerboard or that buzz haircut is unknown and almost certainly uncalled for.

Now, brace yourself. 
This final picture is the most precious thing you have ever seen.
When I was younger I used to beg my mom every night to let me sleep in Jordan's bed. She would make me wait until Rachel (who I shared a room with) was asleep and then I could go in there and Jordan and I could talk and laugh and fall asleep. 
Not only have we fallen asleep in this photograph but we have done so holding hands, and not only are we holding hands while sleeping but we are doing it in matching t-shirts. 
Pathetically cute.

And now the kid is married.
Its hard to believe that it actually happened. 
At the wedding dinner we all told our favorite stories about Jordan and it was almost an impossible feat for me. There are far too many about the giant goof he has always been, and when I think of those stories it is hard for me to imagine that he has actually settled down enough to get married. (ha)
One thing is for sure, he picked the perfect girl. I couldn't be happier to call Laura my sister-in-law. 
(Now that I think about it, I haven't officially used that term yet. Hello Laura! My sister-in-law!) 
She makes him so happy and they were glowing in every way (except literally glowing, so maybe they were only glowing in one way) on their wedding day. 
Jordan (or "Jo" as I have called you my whole life), I am so proud. 
You've come a long way from that buzz.
Except for at your wedding. 
When you also had a buzz. 
But it looked better this time. 
Love you. 


  1. Katie, I hope you write a book someday. I love the Wades! I can't believe Rachel thought "R" stood for reunion, and I can't believe Jordan is married! I miss you guys.

  2. Washington DC!

    Wish I could be there right now... :]

  3. Katie, that made me cry almost as much as your mom:) and I CAN believe Rachel thought the R was for reunion! Ha ha ( love that girl) I can see her expression as I think about it. She makes me laugh. I cried when Jordan got his drivers license and pulled out of the garage...he seemed so old. (I think he hit the stucco a few times but that's another story) and now he is married! When I got your college grad announcement I cried. The wades are growing up with out us there. I saw eli a few months ago in Santa Clara leaving for a scout trip, he looked like Kole did when we left! What Good times we all had. Life moves forward...but it is a beautiful thing. I miss denise's Nacho's, and mark's friendly hug. You have a wonderful family:) with great memories. we miss you all!
    - Michelle Halladay

  4. pathetically cute. that is why I always wished I had a brother!

  5. I LOVE this post haha you two are my favorite and this post just made me so happy...especially the holding hands sleeping picture. I have one like that, but with my sister, so it's not as precious :) But I'm so happy for Jordan and Laura, they much such a gorgeous couple!!! I love this post. And your blog. And you.

  6. and I meant...they make such a gorgeous couple :)

  7. haha seriously how are you so funny. love this. that last picture!? adorableee!

  8. oh my gosh oh my gosh can i even say how much i loved those pictures of you with that HAIR?! can't believe it took you that long to start growing hair, too funny.

    laura looks so great in that last one, congrats to them!!